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Colorado West Pride is the largest pride organization on the Western Slope of Colorado. We throw several events a year, including PRIDE! We work to build a positive environment for the LGBTQ community. As we promote equality, we work alongside our community to make sure it is well-informed and has a voice to make a difference. ​


CWP Statement on Colorado GOP

June 5, 2024


For Pride Month the Colorado Republican Party called for the burning of pride flags, stating that God Hates Pride and referred to the LGBTQ+ community as "godless groomers".


Colorado West Pride condemns the Colorado GOP for its reprehensible depiction of our community and calls for all Coloradans to do the same. 


“LGBTQ+ Coloradans and citizens around the United States are merely living their lives authentically as themselves. This is not only during Pride month, but every day of every month of every year,” said Avery Ashby, President of Colorado West Pride. “This kind of rhetoric is a dangerous misrepresentation and further perpetuates a harmful stigma against our beautiful community. We do NOT stand for this or for the desecration of a beautiful symbol of authenticity, uniqueness, community, and PRIDE.”


Colorado West Pride promotes equality, diversity, acceptance, progression and unity on the Western Slope of Colorado. 

Our Mission Statement

Promoting diversity, acceptance, progression and unity within Western Colorado and Eastern Utah.

Colorado West Pride is a 501C3 non-profit organization. 

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