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Pride 2023 Parade Registration 

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Parade Information and Rules

Colorado West Pride is hosting the LGBTQIA Pride Parade in Grand Junction on Sunday, September 10, 2023 and is currently accepting applications and registration for participation in the parade. All organizations and floats MUST display LGBTQIA support to participate.

There is no application fee, however Colorado West Pride reserves the right to deny participation in the parade at its discretion. The main contact for the organization is solely responsible for the behavior of its participants.

Parade staging area is to be determined.

Parade order is determined at the sole discretion of Colorado West Pride Parade Officials and is final.

All persons associated with the parade agree:

  • The Official Parade Marshall and their designees have the sole and final authority over parade entries. 

  • To interact with guests, staff, volunteers and all persons associated with the parade in a respectful and non-discriminatory manner at all times.

  • To be suitably and appropriately attired at all times.

  • Not to engage in any behavior that is determined to threaten the safety of anyone participating in the parade in any capacity, nor to engage in any behavior that is disruptive or interferes with the right of anyone associated with the parade to freely enjoy the parade.

  • To represent the parade in a positive manner at all times.

  • No participant may use profanity, obscene gestures, or other improper conduct towards another participant, parade official or spectator of the parade.

  • No participant in the parade will be permitted to consume any alcoholic beverage or any illegal substance at the assembly site, on the route, or at the disassembly site of the parade.

  • No participant may throw any item from any float or other unit in the parade. In the event that an entry wishes to make any distribution of an item such as beads, flowers, condoms, or similar items, such distribution must be made in person by persons walking along the parade as part of an officially registered entry. Any items being distributed must be stated on the application and approved by Colorado West Pride Parade Officials.

  • We remind all participants that all costumes and other apparel worn in the Parade must comply with the Obscenity Statues of the State of Colorado (C.R.S. sections 18-7-301 and 302) as well as any local statues.

I affirm my organization will display support for the LGBTQIA Community and understand if our entry does not comply, we will be asked to exit the parade route. I further affirm that my organization and associated participants have been informed of and will adhere to the Code of Conduct and Rules stated above. I understand that failure to follow the Code of Conduct and Rules will result in my organization’s expulsion from the Parade and may result in permanent banning of our participating in Colorado West Pride events. 

PO Box 2271 Grand Junction, CO 81502

© 2023 Colorado West Pride

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