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Pride 2023 Vendor / Exhibitor Registration 

Organization Name *

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Email Address*

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Booth Type*

501C3 Number

Please provide a short description of the merchandise you will be exhibiting: *

I affirm I have read, understand and will comply with the Rules of Conduct stated on this page. *

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Vendor/Exhibitor Rules of Conduct

  • Booth size is limited to 10’x10’. Please remain within the footage. Each booth must provide all of their own tables, chairs, etc. Exhibitor understands the Festival, at its sole discretion, will assign spaces.

  • Set up time begins: Sunday, September 10, 2021 at the festival location. You will be assigned an arrival time and must adhere to that. 

  • Each organization is responsible for clean-up of their area. Please remove all trash and dispose of properly.

  • The Colorado West Pride Festival Planning Committee reserves the right to request non-approved or offensive merchandise be removed from sales tables.

  • One responsible adult over the age of 18 years must be present at all times during booth operation.

  • Vendors agree to accept all liability for booth space and equipment, merchandise, acts of employees or volunteers and hold Colorado West Pride and its sponsors harmless and free of liability.

  • All food vendors must have a food handler’s license and it must be posted on site at all times.

  • All vendors are solely responsible and required to adhere to state and local sales tax laws and are responsible for paying any sales tax required by state and local laws, including ability to provide a copy of sales tax license upon request of any state or local authority.

  • Under no circumstances may a vendor close prior to 5 pm, without specific authorization.  Any vendor who tears down early (before festival close on either day) will be banned from future Colorado West Pride events.

  • Vendors must cancel by August 20, 2023 for a full refund. No refunds will be provided after August 21, 2023.

  • All vendors will pay the allotted booth fee to Colorado West Pride.

  • All vendors are responsible for assuring the content of their booth is non-discriminatory and will assure all booth volunteers/members/employees are respectful and behave in a manner consistent with Colorado West Pride’s standards.

Colorado West Pride, at its sole discretion, reserves the right to deny a vendor a booth. Colorado West Pride, at its sole discretion, may eject a vendor from the festival.

Application is not complete until payment has been submitted

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