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Our Board

who we are

Colorado West Pride is proud of our diverse board of directors.  As an all-volunteer-led and -run organization, we value the time, energy and dedication they, and all our volunteers, provide. 

Heidi Jeanne Hess

Being on the board of Colorado West Pride is an honor I hold dear.  As an activist in this community, seeing the benefit of that work in action and on the faces of our community is one of my greatest joys in life and a legacy that gives me a deep sense of gratitude for all this community has accomplished.

Jesse Daniels

I Co-founded CWP to further enrich the life’s of Western Coloradans. By creating visibility, raising awareness for civil rights issues locally, and to give a voice to our ever expanding community.

Jared Prochnow

I have been dedicated to the idea of family since I can remember. Mine has been so vitally important to shaping who I am daily. Now that I have children, it's immensely important to my husband and I to show our next generation that we are proud of who we are and that there is always someone or something to fight for. You just need to purpose your passion and pave the way.

Claudette Konola

I have been involved in fighting for environmental justice and civil rights since I was in high school. It was natural, when marriage equality became a big political issue, to join that fight. Since then I have learned so much more about the LGBTQI Community, and the need for continued support from the straight community. I hope to be the bridge that brings more allies to the cause.

Jeff Pacotti

Born and raised in Grand Junction, I have been active and a leader within the Western Slopes LGBTQ community my whole life. Previously a board member for Western Equality and the founder of 1st Friday at Charlie Dwellingtons, I’ve always tried to be an active and outspoken member of the community. I’m always working hard to promote LGBTQ rights through community events and activities. Professionally, I am a distributor of luxury professional hair care brands to high-end salons from Aspen to Durango. As a hobby, I raise and show pure bred English Lop rabbits.

Avery Ashby

Being on the CWP Board is such a milestone and rewarding experience for me because I was very active with the LGBTQ Community during college and led the school’s Genders and Sexualities alliance for two years. Being able to connect the two experiences and continue to support, advocate, and be involved with my community is an exciting opportunity and I can’t wait to serve our community through the board. 

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